Webster Velasco

Webster Velasco

FullStack Software Developer

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About Me

Professional Software Develeper since 2009.
Specialized in Microsoft technology such as DOTNET Framework and recently DOTNET Core.
I am also into Angular Framework. Right now, I found myself venturing in Node.JS world and React hoping to learn new technologies.

Work Experience

Senior FullStack Developer - Senior Software Developer (2020 - Present)

C#, Docker, .Net Core, RabbitMQ, SQL Server, AS400, WEB API 2, CQRS, AGILE

Software Developer - YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP (2018 - 2019)

Backend development (Fulfillment Core) with: C#, SQL Server, RabbitMQ, GraphQL.NET, Asp.Net WebAPI
Frontend development: Angular (TypeScript), Asp.net MVC with kendoUI (javascript)
Others: DI, TDD, IoC, Microservice, Dapper
Development method: Agile

Software Developer - ESC INFORMATICA SRL (2009 - 2018)

Web and Windows Software development (FullStack developer), SQL Server /SQL (design database, write queries and stored procedure)
Programming language used:
C#, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL
Framework used:
DOTNET Framework (from version 2.0 up to 4.5), Telerik Framework for webforms and MVC, JQuery, KnockoutJS, HTML5 offline capabilities, Waterfall for development methodology.